The Best Midi-Keyboard for FL Studio 20 in twenty nineteen

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The Best Midi-Keyboard for FL Studio 20

Previously marketed as Fruity Loops, FL Studio is still a favourite to many professionals and amateurs alike. The software's ability to control sounds as well as included recording and editing capabilities allowed software's to become an industry leader. To make most out of software, many musicians turn to Midi controllers for a much better expression and control.

The Midi controllers offer sounds that are diverse and rich, thereby giving an edge to every artist. At same time they also add expansive functions to final touches thereby ensuring that users are able to fine-tune their projects. Therefore, it's important to find a gear that works for you. After weeks of intensive research and testing, we have come up with The Best Midi-Keyboard for FL Studio 20. These devices not only come with solid designs, but also offer enhanced capabilities, making them ideal for any content or music creator.

Akai MPK249

Currently listed as the most popular MIDI controller in the market, AKAI offers everything required for a perfect recording. This MIDI controller comes with 16 pads, and semi-weighted keys for additional expression. You will definitely enjoy AKAI's plethora of controls including switches, pitch benders, modulation wheels and faders. AKAI MPK249 is widely known for its ability to offer users numerous controls while remaining simple and lightweight.

Novation Impulse 49

If you are looking for a midi controller that offers a wide range of sounds, then Novation Impulse is your best bet. Novation Impulse comes with semi-weighted keys and an after touch which introduces a much better playing capacity. In addition, you are also going to enjoy trigger pads, faders and rotary encoders. All these sets of features allows player to control and even change their composition into a masterpiece.

M-Audio Oxygen 49

As one of the best midi-keyboards, the M-Audio Oxygen is widely known for its flexibility and compatibility. The recently released M-Audio Oxygen 49 features a different design that all of its predecessors. At back of controller, you will find a sustain pedal jack and a USB. The new model also comes with drum pads, which light on impact. drum pads can be mapped to GC's and Midi Notes. This in turn makes them extremely useful whether you are toggling MIDI effects or controlling any given drum plugin.


With that said, if you are looking for The Best Midi-Keyboard for FL Studio 20, you should definitely consider any of three midi-devices discussed above.

The Best Midi-Keyboard for FL Studio 20

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