Novation:How Novation is Transforming the Way We Record and Produce

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How Novation is Transforming the Way We Record and Produce

Electronic dance instruments continue to undergo metamorphosis thanks to their ever-growing influence on modern music especially EDM. One of the most influential electronic dance instrument is the Launchpad, which is just but one of many devices offered and Designed jointly by Ableton , replacement devices are interactive and hands-on devices that continues to cause excitement among electronic music creators and enthusiasts several years after it's conception.

The launchpad was the first controller to come with the now popular grid system. Several years down the line, different companies began to implement the ground-breaking grid system into their devices. On top of that, Novation devices including launchpads were also the first musical instruments to sport a user interactive design that gives users the flexibility to tweak and perfect their projects.

Most of the devices ensured that users could easily tweak their projects without having to use extra devices. On the surface, the controllers might appear to be somewhat limited. However, it's this very same limitation that has led to some of the most creative performances by electronic music makers with the most famous one being Pop culture by Madeon.

Easily Launch Clips and Tweak Settings

It's because of Pop Culture's success on YouTube that Madeon decided to begin uploading homemade videos on YouTube that continue to make him one of the most influential creators on YouTube. Novation's innovative design allows modern musicians to easily flip from tweaking mixer settings to launching clips in a stroke.

In addition, the design also allows musicians to launch their song into a rather heavy build-up and then switch to a drum machine or a synth. All this is possible with the launchpad without necessarily having to touch their keyboard or mouse.

Flexibility: Compatible with PC and Mac

Unlike many controllers which offer limited compatibility, Novation controllers are compatible with a wide range of operating system including the two main systems, Mac OS and Windows. On top of that, all launchpads also come with one-gigabyte samples from Mike the drummer and Loopmasters. Both seasoned and amateur electronic music makers use these samples to create their own unique sounds.

Thanks to their wide range of features, electronic music performers use launchpads during various performance including live djing, melodic playing and finger drumming. Despite being plugged to the computer, Launchpads works like an independent musical instrument. This, in turn, means, that performers do not have to stare at the screen while performing in front of an audience. It gives creators and performers the ability to engage easily with the audience with minimal distraction.


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