How to Use Novation LaunchKey A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

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How to Use Novation Launchkey

Apart from being low priced, the Novation Launchkey has been contrived with some exceedingly lovely pads and a remarkably stunning selection of bundled software, which makes it stand out from the crowd. The Novation Launchkey Mini is a 25 key controller from Novation, a company that has an exceedingly long history in the production of high-quality controllers, especially Ableton Live. If you are a person who has some digital experience, then you have seen Novation Launchkey in use somewhere. With that said, here is a comprehensive guide on how to use Novation Launchkey.

How to Use Novation Launchkey; Understanding Novation Launchkey

The first step in using the Novation Launchkey is understanding both the hardware and the software. Novation Launchkey has been designed with an easy to use hardware that comes with a simple design; two rows of eight pads, together and a 25-key keyboard as well. Apart from the pads and the keyboard, the Novation Launchpad has also been concocted with two buttons, which move up and down octaves, eight knobs, and other buttons, that you will use to control the function pads. The controller is not only neatly packed, but the pads are excellent and offer a nice feel and dynamic range.

How to Use Novation Launchkey

The software package, which comes with the Novation Launchkey, is exceedingly generous as it comes with free Launchkey and Launchpad iPad apps, a decent pack of samples and loops from Loopmasters, Ableton Live Lite, and two software synths. Despite the fact that the Novation Launchkey comes with a Lite version of Ableton Live, the software has everything that one may need when producing their very first EP, from composition all the way to mixing and mastering as well. The Launchkey App, on the other hand, turns the user’s iPad into a synthesizer. Furthermore, it also allows the user to trigger samples and loops and control effects as well. The great thing about Novation Launchkey is that Launchkey and the Launchpad can be used at the same time.

Setting Up the Novation Launchkey

The first step when installing the Novation Launchkey is to check whether the drivers for your MIDI controller are available. If the drivers are not available, then you can check them on the manufacture’s website. Once you have downloaded them, install them into your PC or laptop. Then connect the Novation Launchpad to the computer using the USB cable that comes with the device. Always ensure that the device is connected to a powered USB hub for it to function effectively. Open Live and then go to the Live preferences, Midi/Sync. Select the control surface for the Novation Launchkey as well as its input and output as well. This, in turn, enables instant mapping of the device. With that said, the Novation Launchkey is an exceedingly easy to use Midi-Keyboard and a perfect keyboard controller for Ableton Live.

how to use novation launchkeyHow to Use Novation Launchkey

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