How To Play Easy Songs On The Piano For Beginners

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How to play easy songs on the piano for beginners

If you are very passionate about playing the piano then follow these simple Instructions on how to play easy songs on piano  and you will soon be playing your very first song independently:

1. Look for easy songs to play on Piano

There are so many easy songs which one can use. Some include Jingle Bells, The First Noel, Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars and so on. Choose one of these and understand their rhythm.

2. Understand the music notes.

They may seem strange for now, but do not worry, you will understand them with time. Notes are the basic fundamentals of music. Constant learning and practice of the notes is a must. After a short while, you will even sight read the notes. Music notes are marked by the letters A B C D E F and G. Start with the popular show tune -the sound of Music-: DO – RE – MI – FA – SO – LA – TI – DO. The show tunes help you get the correct pitch of the notes to learn the keys.

How to play easy songs on the piano for beginners

3. Master the piano key configuration

Look at the center of your piano and identify the set of five back keys (one group of 2 and the other group of 3). The white key located left on the 2 black keys is called the Middle C. Place your right thumb on this key. Going down the entire length of your piano, you will notice that there is always a Middle C key in every set of 2 black keys(left side).

4. Making some advancements by playing simple tunes like ‘Jingle     Bells’

Now let us get into the details. You can start with an easy popular song like ” jingle bells”. Carefully study the song on the music sheet. Note that on the lest side of the sheet, There is the 4/4 clef. This means each bar needs 4 beats, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 1, 2, 3, 4 and … Proceed to the next step and teach yourself the count for each note on the music sheet.

How to play easy songs on the piano for beginners

Each note indicates how long you should down the key(how much count it should receive). Note that the first bar of the music sheet has 3 E notes. 2 of them are quarter notes and one is a half note. Play these until you master them correctly. apply this technique to the other measures until you play them in succession.
Basically, three notes are usually used in music sheets but the real case is that there are more notes.

How. to play easy songs on the piano for beginners

– Whole note- 4 beats.(1, 2, 3, and 4). These notes can be associated with the steps of soldiers who are marching continuously.(1234 and 1234 and 1234)
– Half note – Two beats ( 1, and 2). Here, you only miss the next count continuously. Keep the idea of the marching soldiers.
– Quarter note – one beat ( 1 and). Just count the first step and miss all the 3 continuously.

5. Follow the above steps for other easy piano popular songs

Practice until you get it right. Revise the above instructions just to get more understanding. Start with easier popular songs as a beginner. With this approach, you can confidently learn to play even songs that require both hands.

How to play easy songs on the piano for beginners

how to play easy songs on the piano for beginners

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