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busy works beats

Training in music production is one of the best decisions to scale the heights of success in the music industry. It’s the reason you need to invest in such rare and sometimes complicated skills including music theory, songwriting, trap beats, and other critical components required in music production. Busy works offers you that and much more.

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It’s a site committed to offering some of the most effective training courses in music production. Music artists get an opportunity to learn a variety of music production skills, which then allows them to perform as if they have been at it all their entire lives.

Music production skills include music theory, the art of mixing, mastering, and other inclusions such as sound design, and songwriting. The training covers all stages starting from beginner level to advanced. Students of this program can engage in interactive live learning sessions, where they get the best coaching and live demonstration right from the comfort of their studio

You can also opt for premium downloads of all the sessions and watch later at your appropriate times. Currently, the site is responsible for over half a million trained music producers and artists from all over the globe.

Busy Works Beats Chord Codes

Manipulation of chords is a critical skill in music production. At Busy Works you are taken through various levels of significant chord codes. You also get to learn the most creative ways for the codes to fit into your type of music.

Students get to master the right chord progressions for any genre which also creates originality and authenticity of your music. An example is how to create such chord codes as diminished chord codes and how you can use the same in quality songwriting.

Busy Works Music Theory

Music theory training from the site gives you the most basic yet critical foundation with which you can start your music production journey. It comes with simple guidelines, which are quite useful in providing you a whole new level of confidence as you begin.

The program equips you with all the essentials in terms of how the music note system works, and everything you need to know about chords. The theory awakens in you the very inborn solutions concerning songwriting.

Busy Works Drum Kit

The system’s FL studio is one of the unique platforms from which you can learn highly sought after trap drum skills. Getting started with FL studio is quite easy, as you can get most of the basics from free tutorial and downloads.

The drum kit comprises of a wide range of such sound generating effects music instruments as 808 Science Drums and X Drums. The drum kit features other sound producing instruments including flutes, guitar, and bells, and many others. You also learn about the effects that create the trap beat sounds such as delay, halftime, and reverse.

Busy Works Beats Ultimate Producer Bundle

The ultimate producer package comes with the following files and sounds:

  • FL studio 20 hip hop and trap beat templates
  • A wide range (over 200) Hip Hop and trap beat drums.
  • A variety of SFX samples which you can easily use in any DAW system.
  • User-friendly mixing plugins
  • Sound enhancing instruments to enrich your sound selection.

FL Studio and Busy Works

Busy Works FL studio is quite easy to use, even for beginners. You can subscribe to large amounts of tutorial videos from the site’s Youtube channel. FL Studio11 and FL studio 12 trap beat beginner’s guide, makes it easy for you to follow and master all the sequences.

Midi Controllers and Busy Works

Midi controllers can take your FL studio efforts to higher levels. All you need is your computer and your DAW to get started. Your DAW features all the plugins that you can use, so there should be no hassle around that. You can use the plugins to not only mix but polish your songs to such an extent that it's more and more professional. You can also utilize the synthesizers and samplers to serve as virtual instruments.


Busy Works can help you to start and grow your music producing efforts in no time. It comes with some of the most effective training resources to make you achieve some of the most complicated music skills.

Think of how you can easily create your own unique chord codes, or how you can play a variety of sound enhancing trap beats to fit in your style. This site helps you to do just that, leading to an illustrious music career in the shortest time ever.


busy works beats

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