Start building your home recording studio today

Setting up a typical recording studio can no doubt be a daunting task.  building a home recording studio requires a lot of in-depth planning, extensive research and thorough preparation. By now, most of you might be thinking establishing a home recording studio is grounded on those three aspects too.  But that’s far from it. While these aspects might be critical in establishing a home studio, all you would need is a few basic essentials.

Here is what you need to remember when you want to  build your home recording studio

Make it simple If you want a studio that’s manageable and convenient to use, then it’s important to make it simple. Only get the tools and/or items that are necessary for the studio first. Starting big might only get you overwhelmed and discouraged along the way as you deal with the complexities of managing a studio.  That may cause you to eventually quit.

Consider Your Budget Coming up with a home recording studio requires you to invest a reasonable amount of money for you to enjoy quality audio recording.  From microphones to keyboards all through to acoustic treatment, there’s a lot that needs to be set up. While it might seem impossible to build a home studio with less than $1000, it can
actually be done with as low as $500. All you need to have is the knowledge and equipment to complete the job.

Give Your Studio an Ample Space When establishing a home recording studio, it’s important to give yourself more space. This will allow you to conveniently expand the studio even as you bring in new equipment, instruments and host band members. Also, be sure to set up your studio in a quiet home or apartment space.

Start building your home recording studio Today

About The aim of this product is to give you a quick step-by-step

guide on how to come up with a customized home studio that will perfectly meet your audio needs. It’s also aimed at providing you with info about the equipment and instruments you need for the studio. So with this guide, you can be able to establish a fully functional studio at home at any given budget.

Start building your home recording studio Today

Start building your home recording studio Today

Four Key Points of Our Product To  Consider

  1. Accoustic treatment

This guide provides you with all the info you need to know about acoustic treatment to make your studio sound-viable. Your studio basically needs bass traps to absorb low frequencies, acoustic panels to absorb mid/high frequencies and diffusers to scatter the remaining frequencies. To achieve that, you need to build a Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), ensure the right airflow and then pad the rest with acoustic foam.

  1. Picking a Recording Software

Since you’re playing music to a live audience, it’s obvious you need to record the audio. So you need a computer and
recording software to help you make save the music for review, editing and mixing. The quality of software you go for really depends on the pricing and feature levels. But we’ll recommend you some of the best software out there.

  1. Installing an Audio Interface

An audio interface is a hardware that connects you computer with the rest of the gear. It can be bought separately or
included in a set of other equipment. Our guide gives you all the info about that including installation and Maintenance.

  1. Purchasing The Right Equipment

A studio does just need instruments to function. Well, it requires that plus a set of equipment to enable perfect
recording. For a studio to be fully functional, you need high-quality headphones, microphones, monitor speakers, XLR cables, pop filters and more. Here, you can find info about all you need for your studio.


Start building your home recording studio Today and Make your dream come true today by purchasing our product guide for detailed steps on how to build a home recording studio today. You might spend a few bucks on this but it will pay off the long run. That’s because you’ll have the knowledge and the equipment that will enable a sound recording experience right at home.


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Cheap Midi Keyboard Controller

Cheap Midi Keyboard ControllerIf you want to buy a USB / MIDI controller keyboard, you will find a huge selection. The handy keyboard controllers for controlling MIDI instruments or a DAW are available in all sizes, with a wide variety of features and in all price ranges - the offer literally kills you. Sometimes it is not easy to choose the right device. To make it easier for you to find the best keyboard controller for your purposes, we have put together all our USB / MIDI controller keyboard reviews for you here.

What is a midi keyboard controller
The Midi keyboard test has shown that these devices are a professional alternative, however, the standard or midi keyboards , which is used especially in the recording studio or when working with the sounds and the software of the music device. Midi keyboards are equipped with a built-in controller, which makes it possible to connect the keyboard to other instruments, synthesizers and music devices, as well as to a PC, in order to be as versatile as possible. An advantage of this variant of the digital piano or e-piano is above all the variety of different product functions and the immense equipment. Supplied with a display, several inputs and outputs and numerous presets and software, the Midi keyboard is an ideal partner for versatile musicians in combination with other devices.

Cheap Midi keyboard controller and why do I need one 
If you want to listen to the sounds or the work of your midi keyboard at night, the device should have a headphone output. This makes it possible to make music even at a late hour. A further output should be available for the sustain pedal, which can be used at will. USB and Midi In and Out connectors should always be found on the keyboard.

Furthermore you should decide for a digital piano, which can be charged via USB. This variant of the power supply is more practical and less complicated than a conventional power plug. Via the USB port, the keyboard can then also be connected to another terminal, or work with the PC.

Cheap Midi Keyboard Controller

Conclusion - the midi keyboard as an all-rounder
Quickly packed and easily transported to the next gig where your own MIDI keyboard can be used by a wide range of functions -Cheap Midi Keyboard Controller a keyboard that also has a midi controller at the same time makes it ideal for professional work with the music, but also allows passionate musicians to use the musical instrument according to taste and expectations.

Available are midi-keyboards with up to 88 keys, for example in the product range of the manufacturers Yamaha, Akai or Casio. If your own professional keyboard has a display, you can see exactly which functions are currently in use, while a sustain pedal input provides the necessary flexibility for the sound. Many midi keyboards are equipped with a dynamic keyboard, thus guaranteeing an authentic handling, just like the acoustic piano or the piano. With the help of the different MIDI or USB inputs, the musical instrument is then used together with further devices, for example connected to the own PC or with a synthesizer.

As a result, the midi keyboards are true all-round talents, which should not be missing in any sound studio or on any stage to surprise the audience or the musicians with the most creative and high-quality sounds.

Cheap Midi Keyboard Controller

The best 10 midi keyboard controllers in baton rouge

MIDI keyboard controllers are extremely popular today among both amateur and professional musicians. That is because this musical device is easy to connect, use, and move around.We are going to discuss The best  midi keyboard controllers in baton rouge and the places where you can buy them in Baton Rouge.

The best 10 midi keyboard controllers in baton rouge MIDI keyboard controller is a piano-style user interface keyboard device that is used to transfer midi signals to other connected devices via midi cable or a USB. With a huge availability of these devices on the market, it becomes very easy for a customer to get lost in the diversity of offerings. That is why in order to ensure that you are spending your money on the right device, it is important to understand what are The best 10 midi keyboard controllers the market of Baton Rouge offers. The list below will help you to make the right decision when buying this popular and often very essential musical device.

top best 10 midi keyboard controllers in baton rouge

Akai Professional MPK249

The best 10 midi keyboard controllers in baton rouge

This is the most popular midi keyboard controller in Baton Rouge. It is equally good for both beginners and professionals. The device provides impressive control options by having 8 control knobs, 8 faders, and 8 switches. Available at Guitar Center (9001 Florida Blvd. 70815-4029 Baton Rouge , LA).

Arturia KeyLab 88

The best 10 midi keyboard controllers in baton rouge

This product provides extremely realistic piano feel at an amazingly low price. An additional advantage is its ultra lightweight. Available at O'Neill Music House Inc (10689 Perkins RdBaton Rouge, LA 70810).

Novation Impulse 49

The best 10 midi keyboard controllers in baton rouge

This device is the third among the best 10 midi keyboard controllers in Baton Rouge. It combines all of the key features of a perfect controller keyboard and has multifunction drum pads. Available at Music Time (4860 W Greenridge DrBaton Rouge, LA 70814).

the-10-best-midi-keyboard-controllers in baton rouge

M-Audio Keystation 49

The best 10 midi keyboard controllers in baton rouge

The sound this product produces is extremely close to a traditional piano. Moreover, the lightweight of the controller makes it perfect for those musicians who are always on the move. Available at Guitar Center (9001 Florida Blvd. 70815-4029 Baton Rouge , LA).

Casio CTK2400 61

The best 10 midi keyboard controllers in baton rouge

A built-in microphone and the voice percussion function make this midi keyboard controller highly popular. Moreover, its’ high portability allow to enjoy amazing sound everywhere. Available at Guitar Center (9001 Florida Blvd. 70815-4029 Baton Rouge , LA).

The best 10 midi keyboard controllers in baton rouge

M-Audio Oxygen 49 MKIV

The best 10 midi keyboard controllers in baton rouge

 Velocity-sensitive keys and 8 trigger pads can be considered as a perfect combination. Moreover, there is much more this device can offer. Those who want to have a number of things in one package are welcome to choose this particular midi keyboard controller. Available at Music Time (4860 W Greenridge DrBaton Rouge, LA 70814).

the-10-best-midi-keyboard-controllers in baton rouge

Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII

The best 10 midi keyboard controllers in baton rouge

This midi keyboard controller has velocity-sensitive keys and 8 trigger pads. However, it also provides editing and playing abilities. Simple and functional it can become a perfect solution for the majority of musicians. Available at O'Neill Music House Inc (10689 Perkins RdBaton Rouge, LA 70810).

Novation Launchkey Mini 25-Note

The best 10 midi keyboard controllers in baton rouge

Mini 25-Note can be defined as one of its best options for musicians willing to have a number of control options. The midi keyboard controller is equipped with 8 knobs, control buttons, and dedicated navigation to ensure controllability and ease of use. Available at Music Time (4860 W Greenridge DrBaton Rouge, LA 70814).

Novation Impulse 25

The best 10 midi keyboard controllers in baton rouge

Simple, functional and reliable, this midi keyboard controller is ideal for those looking for creating the sound of traditional piano with ease and comfort. Available at O'Neill Music House Inc (10689 Perkins RdBaton Rouge, LA 70810).

Akai Professional RED MPK MINI MKII

The best 10 midi keyboard controllers in baton rouge

The MPK mini is an ultra-compact keyboard controller designed for the traveling musician and the desktop producer. With an array of hardware controls, MPK mini lets you record, compose, and perform with virtual instruments, effect plugins, and DAWs whenever inspiration strikes.

the-10-best-midi-keyboard-controllers in baton rouge

top-10-best-midi-keyboard-controllers in baton rouge

The Novation Impulse 49 

The Novation Impulse 49 is a highly rated keyboard of this generation. It is semi-weighed(11.02lbs) with a total of 49 keys and USB powered. The keyboard is not only first class but also very unique in design. You will get to notice that it is manufactured more like an instrument and not a computer accessory. This gives you the musical feel and you enjoy being part of the music action. In the long run,  this controller  guarantees you better and quality music. With an array of distinctive features, the keyboard offers you musical freedom. You get to know how it feels to be part of producing good music. Do you want to have full control of your music production and beats? This wonderful keyboard gives you absolute control. You get to be in charge. What you need to know is what to plug in and what button to touch.

What to Expect from Novation Impulse 49

: 1. World Class Keyboard It is fair to say that the keyboard is first class. Special keys are designed to send a musical expression straight to your Digital audio workstation (DAW). The results are great. 2. Unique Control Keys The multi functional pads allows you to launch clips and beats with instant access to the mixes, plug ins and the DAW transport. With this, you get to enjoy productive and better music. 3. Versatile keyboard The Novation 49 is compatible to work with a majority of DAWs and plug-in instruments such as Ableton, FL Studio, Garage Band and Studio One. Moreover, the keyboard offers you access to third party plug-ins. You get to plug in Native Instruments and Waves. 4. Free Registered XLN Keys The Novation Impulse 49 gives you options in regard to the XLN Addictive Keys. In this case, you have to select from the list below: a) Mark One- A consumer brand b) Studio Grand- Steinway Model D option c) Electric Grand- Yamaha CP-80 link d) Modern Upright- Yamaha U3 product This particular offer applies to both the new and old customers. In case you want to redeem your license, it is very easy. You need to log into your online Novation account and follow the instructions page. As simple as that and you get to enjoy music at length. 5. Special Additional Features: a)Special LCD Screen b) Detailed Plug-in Controls/DAW c) Faders d)Transport Controls e) 8 Backlit Pads f) Multipurpose Drum Pads g) 4 Software Controls The Novation Impulse 49 These special features not only make the keyboard a beauty but a quality one. With these diverse futures, there is always room for innovation. As a keyboardist, you get utmost power to enjoy the unique features unlike  other keyboards we have out there. The 49 keys become more meaningful once you get used to this keyboard. With an instructional manual provided, you get used to its operation after a while and the experience is worth it. To some extent, you can say that the Keyboard is a serious controller. Its more like a master controller. With such multi functional keys and plug-ins, its working principle is clear-total control. It is the Keyboard of this generation and others to come.

The Novation Impulse 49 

the novation impulse 49

Hands on Comprehensive Guide; Setting Up Novation Launchpad Pro with DAW FL Studio

Ever since the Launchpad was officially released in the year 2009, there have been several revamps to the Novation Launchpad. However, the freshly designed Novation Launchpad Pro is the first to feel like a genuine update. In more than six years, MIDI-controllers have grown more innovative, while on the other hand, mobile applications have reduced the need to possess a physical controller. For more than a decade, Novation has been engineering some of the best controller keyboards in the market, and the newly released Novation Launchpad Pro is undoubtedly one of the most solid and desirable controllers that the company has ever designed up to this date. The matt black finish is similar to that of Ableton push, while the rubberized base gives the controller a reassuring sturdiness that the original Launchpad did not possess.

Novation Launchpad Pro with DAW FL Studio

The supplied USB and MIDI cables come in orange, which despite being a minor detail, definitely does not go unnoticed, especially because most manufacturers won’t give you these cables for free. Finally, one of the most outstanding features in the Novation Launchpad Pro is the 64 pad. Unlike the original Novation, these pads are not only velocity sensitive but also feel good as the pads on Ableton push.

Using Novation Launchpad Pro with FL Studio

Despite the fact, the Launchpad Pro was specifically designed for Ableton Live users; there are plenty of people who use the Launchpad alongside other software. The recently updated FL Studio 12.0 has been designed with a Launchpad support, meaning it can fully support the Novation Launchpad Pro without any glitches. One of the things that make Novation Launchpad work effectively is that it is fully supported with FL Studio 10.0 or a higher version. To begin using the Novation Launchpad Pro FL studio begin by first exiting the AutoMap from the task bar or refrain from installing the Automap at all. Connect the Novation Launchpad via the USB cable provided. The Novation Launchpad Pro FL Studio is going to auto detect the device.

Novation Launchpad Pro with DAW FL Studio

The final step is ensuring that the Launchpad Pro has been enabled in the MIDI settings. It is important to note that the new system uses the usual Launchpad setup; thus the user is not expected to change anything if he or she has a properly working Novation Launchpad setup. Furthermore, if the users intend on using multiple Launchpads, then they are expected to use multiple instances of MIDI Out fixed to different MIDI ports. If the user wishes to share the project with other users, then 115 is the default. With that said despite the fact that the original Novation Launchpad exceeded by far, what it was conceived for, the Pro version together with its enhanced visual feedbacks and added functions is unquestionably going to top that.

Novation Launchpad Pro with DAW FL Studio

Novation Launchpad Pro with DAW FL Studio

How to Use Novation Launchkey

Apart from being low priced, the Novation Launchkey has been contrived with some exceedingly lovely pads and a remarkably stunning selection of bundled software, which makes it stand out from the crowd. The Novation Launchkey Mini is a 25 key controller from Novation, a company that has an exceedingly long history in the production of high-quality controllers, especially Ableton Live. If you are a person who has some digital experience, then you have seen Novation Launchkey in use somewhere. With that said, here is a comprehensive guide on how to use Novation Launchkey.

How to Use Novation Launchkey; Understanding Novation Launchkey

The first step in using the Novation Launchkey is understanding both the hardware and the software. Novation Launchkey has been designed with an easy to use hardware that comes with a simple design; two rows of eight pads, together and a 25-key keyboard as well. Apart from the pads and the keyboard, the Novation Launchpad has also been concocted with two buttons, which move up and down octaves, eight knobs, and other buttons, that you will use to control the function pads. The controller is not only neatly packed, but the pads are excellent and offer a nice feel and dynamic range.

How to Use Novation Launchkey

The software package, which comes with the Novation Launchkey, is exceedingly generous as it comes with free Launchkey and Launchpad iPad apps, a decent pack of samples and loops from Loopmasters, Ableton Live Lite, and two software synths. Despite the fact that the Novation Launchkey comes with a Lite version of Ableton Live, the software has everything that one may need when producing their very first EP, from composition all the way to mixing and mastering as well. The Launchkey App, on the other hand, turns the user’s iPad into a synthesizer. Furthermore, it also allows the user to trigger samples and loops and control effects as well. The great thing about Novation Launchkey is that Launchkey and the Launchpad can be used at the same time.

Setting Up the Novation Launchkey

The first step when installing the Novation Launchkey is to check whether the drivers for your MIDI controller are available. If the drivers are not available, then you can check them on the manufacture’s website. Once you have downloaded them, install them into your PC or laptop. Then connect the Novation Launchpad to the computer using the USB cable that comes with the device. Always ensure that the device is connected to a powered USB hub for it to function effectively. Open Live and then go to the Live preferences, Midi/Sync. Select the control surface for the Novation Launchkey as well as its input and output as well. This, in turn, enables instant mapping of the device. With that said, the Novation Launchkey is an exceedingly easy to use Midi-Keyboard and a perfect keyboard controller for Ableton Live.

how to use novation launchkeyHow to Use Novation Launchkey