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Training in music production is one of the best decisions to scale the heights of success in the music industry. It’s the reason you need to invest in such rare and sometimes complicated skills including music theory, songwriting, trap beats, and other critical components required in music production. Busy works offers you that and much more.

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It’s a site committed to offering some of the most effective training courses in music production. Music artists get an opportunity to learn a variety of music production skills, which then allows them to perform as if they have been at it all their entire lives.

Music production skills include music theory, the art of mixing, mastering, and other inclusions such as sound design, and songwriting. The training covers all stages starting from beginner level to advanced. Students of this program can engage in interactive live learning sessions, where they get the best coaching and live demonstration right from the comfort of their studio

You can also opt for premium downloads of all the sessions and watch later at your appropriate times. Currently, the site is responsible for over half a million trained music producers and artists from all over the globe.

Busy Works Beats Chord Codes

Manipulation of chords is a critical skill in music production. At Busy Works you are taken through various levels of significant chord codes. You also get to learn the most creative ways for the codes to fit into your type of music.

Students get to master the right chord progressions for any genre which also creates originality and authenticity of your music. An example is how to create such chord codes as diminished chord codes and how you can use the same in quality songwriting.

Busy Works Music Theory

Music theory training from the site gives you the most basic yet critical foundation with which you can start your music production journey. It comes with simple guidelines, which are quite useful in providing you a whole new level of confidence as you begin.

The program equips you with all the essentials in terms of how the music note system works, and everything you need to know about chords. The theory awakens in you the very inborn solutions concerning songwriting.

Busy Works Drum Kit

The system’s FL studio is one of the unique platforms from which you can learn highly sought after trap drum skills. Getting started with FL studio is quite easy, as you can get most of the basics from free tutorial and downloads.

The drum kit comprises of a wide range of such sound generating effects music instruments as 808 Science Drums and X Drums. The drum kit features other sound producing instruments including flutes, guitar, and bells, and many others. You also learn about the effects that create the trap beat sounds such as delay, halftime, and reverse.

Busy Works Beats Ultimate Producer Bundle

The ultimate producer package comes with the following files and sounds:

  • FL studio 20 hip hop and trap beat templates
  • A wide range (over 200) Hip Hop and trap beat drums.
  • A variety of SFX samples which you can easily use in any DAW system.
  • User-friendly mixing plugins
  • Sound enhancing instruments to enrich your sound selection.

FL Studio and Busy Works

Busy Works FL studio is quite easy to use, even for beginners. You can subscribe to large amounts of tutorial videos from the site’s Youtube channel. FL Studio11 and FL studio 12 trap beat beginner’s guide, makes it easy for you to follow and master all the sequences.

Midi Controllers and Busy Works

Midi controllers can take your FL studio efforts to higher levels. All you need is your computer and your DAW to get started. Your DAW features all the plugins that you can use, so there should be no hassle around that. You can use the plugins to not only mix but polish your songs to such an extent that it's more and more professional. You can also utilize the synthesizers and samplers to serve as virtual instruments.


Busy Works can help you to start and grow your music producing efforts in no time. It comes with some of the most effective training resources to make you achieve some of the most complicated music skills.

Think of how you can easily create your own unique chord codes, or how you can play a variety of sound enhancing trap beats to fit in your style. This site helps you to do just that, leading to an illustrious music career in the shortest time ever.


busy works beats

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Novation Music

Novation makers is a digital brand that focuses on ensuring that electronic music lovers do not run out of the
latest technology to not only perform, but also produce new music. It has been consistently offering top
notch and state-of-the-art MDI controllers and unrivalled modelling synthesizers.

Ranging from the high-end Novation Peak Desktop Polysynth to the mercurial Novation Launchpad Grid Controllers, this digital avenue is definitely one of its kind. It's company has invested in innovation and diversity and rightly so, staunch musicians can find ample ways to produce content in the variety of its uniquely rich set of technological equipment. Lightshow artists have progressively embraced the Novation music equipment since the inception of the first Launchpad in 2009 to the now authentic-oriented equipment.

Here's a rundown of some of Novation's hot selling and riveting products:

Novation MIDI controllers and other products

The Novation LaunchKey Mini MK2 MIDI, Novation Impulse 61 MIDI and the LaunchKey 49 MK2 MIDI Controller keyboards have been Novation best sellers so far.

  1. Novation Impulse 61 MIDI Controller

  • Multifunctional 8 drum pads
  • A variety of free downloads including Novation's Bass Synth,

Novation Music

XLN Audio

  • Addictive Keys, Ableton Live and LoopMaster Sample Pack.
  • Manufacturer's warranty that runs for 2 years
  • Comes with a handy Automap 4 Controller software
  • A fully-furnished Plug-in control board with mappable buttons, mappable knobs and fader knobs.
  • 502 MB worth of drum loops

XLN Audio

Very easy to use due to the 62 keys which are not only sturdy, but which also offer much-needed freedom to maneuver octaves and map much more sounds. The default mapping feature also enables beginner users to save on time as well as adapt to change seamlessly. The overall make of the product sets the pace for any user to eventually become a pro.

  1. Novation LaunchKey 49 MK2 MIDI Controller

16 velocity RBG-lit sensitive pads and 25 keys (full-size).

Built-in InControl Technology

Image Line FL Studio

9 Sliders and 8 Knobs for mixer control

Mappable effects


Certainly one of the best for both live performance and music creation. It is also perfectly suited to beginners and professionals alike. At a fairly affordable price, this controller comes with a decent array of software to enhance your music experience.

  1. Novation LaunchKey Mini MK2 MIDI Controller

  • Ableton Live 9 Lite Session Review
  • 16 drum pads ( back-lit and multicolored)

,- 8 Knobs and fader

  • 25–key velocity sensitive keyboard
  • 7 function buttons
  • 2 performance buttons

  1. Novation Launchpad PRO Performance instrument

Besides harboring the standard features in all of it's products, this latest instrument combines stand-alone MIDI capabilities with terrific features that enhance live performance. It is definitely among the best controllers in the market today.

  • Extremely intuitive which enables seamless composition and performance
  • Dedicated mixer and control functions
  • Fully-fledged Ableton Live Lite
  • Very portable (101.110.3 inches)
  • Device mode button for varying the Live devices
  • 32 backlit mode buttons
  • 64 backlit square buttons with grid-enhanced polyphonic after-touch and adjustable velocity.
  • Robust metal chassis
  • Colorful pads that enable you to play chords, notes and melodies on the chromatic keyboard

  1. Novation Peak Desk Polysynth

Peak is a versatile audio product and is one among the latest chain of widely-embraced Novation music flagship synthesizers. This product contains hand-on control, has an authentic sound, nicely configured analogue filter, shaping options, good-quality fades, 8-voice polyphonic and the remarkable 17 wavetables that give it the edgy yet wide range of tonal and audio possibilities. The fact that it is fairly priced too for its top-notch reliability underlines the status of Novation as the powerhouse of impressive music machines.

Novation Peak

  1. Novation Summit

This is the latest synthesizer for stage performance and studio requirements. Summit boasts of deep architecture capabilities, an intuitive two-part multitimbral engine, 16 polyphony voices, dual filters, high-end five-octave keyboard, greatly enhanced front control panel as well as the much acclaimed tactical workflow.

Essentially, it is just two-Peaks in one controller box. Summit combines both digital and analogue technology to provide high resolution sound source. Furthermore, it uses the New Oxford Oscillators which are capable of FM and wavetable synthesis. The keyboard is also impressively equipped with the after-touch capability just like its predecessor in SL Mk3.

Novation Audio Products

  1. Novation Audiohub 2*4

Tailor-made for either the club gigs or your bedroom studio, this music product is a thing of class. Attention to detail is what makes it distinct from similar boxes within the same price range. Here are some of its stand-out specs:
An integrated USB hub with three ports

  • 2 inputs and 4 outputs
  • A pair of additional TRC outputs for the two channels 1 and 2 respectively.
  • Dual stereo RCA pairs for outputs 1-2, 3-4
  • Soft synth keyboard rings
  • Focusrite technology for the converters which enhances sound greatly.
  • 2 stereo output knobs, 1 volume knob (headphones)
  • Green USB cable & AC Power Supply

This is a very steady DJ-oriented device that combines consistent low latency output with sound amplification like no other. Its powered interface can be used together with an iPad and caps off its versatility with genuinely thought-out hardware components and controls.

Here some of their Other products for your needs:

*Novation Dicer Cue and Looping DJ controller

* Native Instruments Kontrol S49 MIDI Keyboard

* Akai Advance 49 MIDI Keyboard controller

* Akai APC Key 25 Ableton controller

novation music

Novation Digital Music Systems

Dawsons Music Blog. 20 September 2011. "Focusrite acquire Novation". Novation Music. 1 August 2004. Archived from the original on 13 November 2005. "We

Midi keyboard online

What is MIDI?
It's basically the technical description for a digital interface which is applied in electronic musical instruments. Components include the ability to play such instruments as a keyboard controller.You can play by pressing corresponding keys on your keyboard for your piano, with just the same rich sound as a home sound system.

What Is a MIDI File?

It's a digital interface file which is much smaller as compared to the usual mp3 audio files. The file interface functions as an instructional tool, explaining what notes are playing, when they are playing and for how long.

It can also explain how louder the instruments sound can go. The files under a typical MIDI file extension are directional in nature, and you can apply them to your virtual keyboard for the best experience.

You can also use the same file to share musical information with others with a similar application Its small size is perfect for storage purposes which can be done on floppy disks, and other external drives.

What Is A VST Plugin?

They're virtual synthesizers which are used to generate sound. many of the VST instruments which use these kinds of plugins have similar, feel and sound to those of popular hardware audio processors. The plugins are also able to process MIDI messages. Users can send data to other similar hardware and instruments.

How Do I Use A VST With My Midi Keyboard online Controller /Virtual MIDI Keyboard?

You can use the plugin for functions such as compressor, expander, and equalizer of sound effects. They work in similar ways certain models of hardware function. The plugins are a simpler and affordable way by which you can enjoy the benefits of a home theater sound system.

How Do I Connect My MIDI Keyboard?
To install you need to use a MIDI cable connected controller. You also need to have an external audio device which features MIDI connectors plug. You can apply the following steps:

  • Connect the cable to the in/out ports on your interface, and the turn it on. The MIDI OUT on the interface needs to be connected MIDI IN on the device, and vice versa. You basically need to use two MIDI cables especially if you want your device to function on your virtual studio.
  • You can then install USB drivers that are part of your MIDI –USB adapter.
    The next step is for you to plug in, and turn on your computer MIDI adapter, allowing for windows installation to take place.
  • As installation completes you can follow other prompt such as input/out selections to set the keyboard to your preferences.
  • Windows may ask you if you need to activate a controller in FL studio. If so, you need to open the FL studio, to select the “enable” icon. You can then the go on the device section, and click on INPUT to have it highlighted.

Basically, once you are through with these installations, you can see that the keyboard responds every time you try to play the notes.

How to Use an External MIDI Keyboard

There are two options that you can use in an external MIDI keyboard. The first is via MIDI web in Google Chrome, and the other can apply a certain plugin referred to as Jazz, which can be used on any other browser.
You simply need to connect the keyboard to the computer and then launch the sound studio. You can then choose the channel on you would like to play with your keyboard.

Which DAW features the best Workflow for a Midi Composer?

Plenty of choices are at your disposal when it comes to the type of DAW (Digital audio work Station} for your music production. But the best and easy way to go around this is to select one which works multiple OS including Mac and PC. It is because of the versatile opportunities that come with composing, and you need versatile platforms as well.

What software is preferable in Creating Midi Files on a Piano Roll?

One of the best applications for this function is definitely MiDiEditor. It features a powerful interface with the capabilities to edit, play and record all data. In addition, it's free.

What Is an Audio Interface?

It's basically a piece of external hardware which is used to improve the sound of your music. It comes with connectors through which you can connect music recording microphones, and other equally useful instruments to improve the way music sounds.

Midi Keyboard Online

List Of Popular Producers and Keyboardist That Use Midi Keyboard Controllers

Here's some of David Guetta's favorite equipment: Novation 61SL MkII 61-Key USB Keyboard Controller


MIDI keyboard online is the best thing that has happened in the world of music in recent times. Now, it's so easy for electronic music instruments from different manufacturers to share data, and communicate with each other.

Virtual MIDI Keyboard

Online MIDI Piano. You can play notes by either clicking the piano keys or
pressing the cooresponding keys on your computer keyboard. Use the left and
right ...

The Best Midi-Keyboard for FL Studio 20

Previously marketed as Fruity Loops, FL Studio is still a favourite to many professionals and amateurs alike. The software's ability to control sounds as well as included recording and editing capabilities allowed software's to become an industry leader. To make most out of software, many musicians turn to Midi controllers for a much better expression and control.

The Midi controllers offer sounds that are diverse and rich, thereby giving an edge to every artist. At same time they also add expansive functions to final touches thereby ensuring that users are able to fine-tune their projects. Therefore, it's important to find a gear that works for you. After weeks of intensive research and testing, we have come up with The Best Midi-Keyboard for FL Studio 20. These devices not only come with solid designs, but also offer enhanced capabilities, making them ideal for any content or music creator.

Akai MPK249

Currently listed as the most popular MIDI controller in the market, AKAI offers everything required for a perfect recording. This MIDI controller comes with 16 pads, and semi-weighted keys for additional expression. You will definitely enjoy AKAI's plethora of controls including switches, pitch benders, modulation wheels and faders. AKAI MPK249 is widely known for its ability to offer users numerous controls while remaining simple and lightweight.

Novation Impulse 49

If you are looking for a midi controller that offers a wide range of sounds, then Novation Impulse is your best bet. Novation Impulse comes with semi-weighted keys and an after touch which introduces a much better playing capacity. In addition, you are also going to enjoy trigger pads, faders and rotary encoders. All these sets of features allows player to control and even change their composition into a masterpiece.

M-Audio Oxygen 49

As one of the best midi-keyboards, the M-Audio Oxygen is widely known for its flexibility and compatibility. The recently released M-Audio Oxygen 49 features a different design that all of its predecessors. At back of controller, you will find a sustain pedal jack and a USB. The new model also comes with drum pads, which light on impact. drum pads can be mapped to GC's and Midi Notes. This in turn makes them extremely useful whether you are toggling MIDI effects or controlling any given drum plugin.


With that said, if you are looking for The Best Midi-Keyboard for FL Studio 20, you should definitely consider any of three midi-devices discussed above.

The Best Midi-Keyboard for FL Studio 20

How Novation is Transforming the Way We Record and Produce

Electronic dance instruments continue to undergo metamorphosis thanks to their ever-growing influence on modern music especially EDM. One of the most influential electronic dance instrument is the Launchpad, which is just but one of many devices offered and Designed jointly by Ableton , replacement devices are interactive and hands-on devices that continues to cause excitement among electronic music creators and enthusiasts several years after it's conception.

The launchpad was the first controller to come with the now popular grid system. Several years down the line, different companies began to implement the ground-breaking grid system into their devices. On top of that, Novation devices including launchpads were also the first musical instruments to sport a user interactive design that gives users the flexibility to tweak and perfect their projects.

Most of the devices ensured that users could easily tweak their projects without having to use extra devices. On the surface, the controllers might appear to be somewhat limited. However, it's this very same limitation that has led to some of the most creative performances by electronic music makers with the most famous one being Pop culture by Madeon.

Easily Launch Clips and Tweak Settings

It's because of Pop Culture's success on YouTube that Madeon decided to begin uploading homemade videos on YouTube that continue to make him one of the most influential creators on YouTube. Novation's innovative design allows modern musicians to easily flip from tweaking mixer settings to launching clips in a stroke.

In addition, the design also allows musicians to launch their song into a rather heavy build-up and then switch to a drum machine or a synth. All this is possible with the launchpad without necessarily having to touch their keyboard or mouse.

Flexibility: Compatible with PC and Mac

Unlike many controllers which offer limited compatibility, Novation controllers are compatible with a wide range of operating system including the two main systems, Mac OS and Windows. On top of that, all launchpads also come with one-gigabyte samples from Mike the drummer and Loopmasters. Both seasoned and amateur electronic music makers use these samples to create their own unique sounds.

Thanks to their wide range of features, electronic music performers use launchpads during various performance including live djing, melodic playing and finger drumming. Despite being plugged to the computer, Launchpads works like an independent musical instrument. This, in turn, means, that performers do not have to stare at the screen while performing in front of an audience. It gives creators and performers the ability to engage easily with the audience with minimal distraction.


Keys | Novation

Keyboards that can keep up with you. Our keyboard controllers put your music
directly into your hands. They range from simple and portable mini ...

Novation's Automap Control Software

Novation's Automap controll Software Musical development software has been in existence since the 1960s. Like any other technology. It has been refined and improved over the years to arguably its best ever state. Today, computers can make musical notes by themselves and it is widely acknowledged that the future of music is computer based.

How to Use Novation’s Impulse 49 Automap Control Software:

There are a number of good Novation's Automap Control Software currently in the market but perhaps the most expressive of them all is the Novation Impulse. There are three versions of the Novation Impulse from which you can choose from; the 61, 49 and 25 key versions. However, The Impulse 49 is the subject of our focus. It comes with smooth and easy to use function knobs, 45mm faders, a custom-made LCD screen, and numerous buttons to enhance your experience.

Use of the Novation Impulse 49 with DAW software:

The Novation Impulse 49 is designed to work with all major DAW including Fruity Loops Studio, Studio One, Garage Band, Logic, Cubase, Sonar, ProTools and Ableton (which is included upon purchase of Impulse).) All you need to do is to install any of the supported DAWs into either your Windows or Mac and connect your Novation Impulse to your PC and create music.

Do you have to use DAW software with the Impulse 49?

While it is not necessary for you to use DAW Systems to create music with this device, it is advisable to do so if you are to get the best out of both the Novation Impulse and the DAW software. It allows you to be more hands-on with the DAW in use making your music more expressive and precise.

Novation's Automap Control Software is currently running at version 4.1. A free update is available to all users and is much easier to set up than its predecessors and offers a better-streamlined workflow. If you’re looking to buy a new DAW controller whether it’s for work, school or just for fun then you should definitely consider Novation’s Automap Control Software.

Published Articles - http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Ranches_Lee_Hall/1232871

Novation's Automap Control Software

Throughout the years, midi renovation  has proved to be the dominant force, when it comes to MIDI controllers. Apart from delivering full-sized midi controllers, they have also delivered handheld faders, button and knob boxes, all aimed at performers, composers, VJ’s and DJ’s alike. Three new Novation offerings standout the most. Despite the fact that it is perfectly usable in isolation, the Launch Control was intended to be used together with the Launchpad S controller. On the other hand, the Launchkey Mini and the Launchpad Mini are single units. All these three products are aimed at iPad users and DAW-based musicians. However, it is important to note that the iPad users do not necessarily have to purchase the controllers because, they can operate the software using the Launchpad and Launchkey applications, which are available, free of charge. Because the applications are free of charge, then users should definitely try them out before purchasing the hardware.

Novation has once again delivered a set of intriguing MIDI controllers, which are aimed at iPad and laptop controllers. The Launch Control, is a well built and solid companion to Launchpad S, adding useful mixing, performance and editing options as well as filling in some of the few blind spots. Despite the fact that the Launchpad Mini has a slightly lower, build quality, it performs extremely well just like a mini-keyboard. Furthermore, the Launchpad Mini is also one of the most versatile Ableton controllers.

Registering a Product: Why Should One Register a Novations Product?
By registering a Novation product, the user will be given direct access to activation codes and free software that come with the product. Furthermore, by registering a product, you will be more than certain that you have all the latest firmware, software and drivers as well. Registering a product is also an excellent way of receiving all the relevant information about driver, firmware and driver updates.

Registering at Novationmusic.com
Registering at novationmusic.com is a pretty easy task that will take not more than two minutes. When signing up on novationmusic.com., the user is expected to enter their first and last name. Then, they are supposed to enter a valid email address, which will be used for confirmation purposes. After entering the email address, users will be required to select their country of residence and an appropriate password. Finally, the users will be asked to once again confirm their password of choice. During the registration process, users have the option of selecting whether to subscribe to the latest software and product updates. It is highly recommended to subscribe to the latest software and product updates because you will be informed when new software or product tweaks are available in the market.


Launchpad Pro | NovationMusic.com

Now expanded from 1GB to a whopping 4GB, the Loopmasters sample library included with every Novation Product is packed with professional quality, royalty- free loops and one-shots. Encompassing all contemporary genres – from blues, funk and hip-hop to bass, techno and all flavours of house – and taking in a huge  ...
A MIDI keyboard is typically a piano-style electric keyboard used for sending MIDI signals or commands over a USB or MIDI 5-pin cable to other devices

Midi Keyboardmidi keyboard

I decided to do a review on midi keyboards seeing that they are a vital part of music production in today’s digital age. Though small in size, these babies pack a punch where you need it. Here’s what you need to know:

Midi keyboard controller  The idea behind a keyboard controller, developed during the 1980s, was to give performers the ability of harnessing multiple synthesizers from a single source - your keyboard. Technology has jumped ahead by leaps and bounds where live performers, musicians on laptops, even top of the range studio musicians can benefit from the easy simplicity offered by this type of tech.

Your controller is basically the device containing piano-type keys along with a selection of knobs, buttons etc. These conduct external data to your synthesizers which output the sounds themselves. What makes this device such a prize is its versatile and adaptable nature, not to mention some are small enough to drop into your backpack.

Midi keyboard online Learning how to play the keyboard has never been easier. There are various programs out there suited for different learners or players. Options from playing online solo to playing with a number of other musicians can be attained at the click of a button.

 Midi keyboard software One of my go-to places for software is definitely sourceforge.net. Sourceforge takes the guesswork out and leaves you with software perfectly suited to your needs. Searching for software may seem simple but, in my experience, it’s best to choose software that has been tried and tested by a variety of users. If you’re new to the scene, you want software that is simple to pick up so look for reviews from new users.

Midi Keyboard Amazon Amazon.com has made searching for keyboards a breeze with options ranging from #1 best seller to #1 on your wishlist. Apparently the Alesis V49 | 49-Key USB Keyboard & Drum Pad Controller is 1 of the most wished for midi keyboards on amazon.com. It is also one of Amazon’s choice Devices due to its simplicity, value and price range. Offering exceptional value with guarantees, Amazon is a great place to find a fantastic midi device for yourself this Christmas.

Midi keyboard with pads If you’re interested in using multiple instruments like Drums to add a fuller sound, your best bet is to use pads. Drum pads are able to control certain features of your software, and you have the ability to upgrade the pads themselves as needed.

MIDI keyboard

A MIDI keyboard is typically a piano-style electric keyboard used for sending MIDI signals or commands over a USB or MIDI 5-pin cable to other devices

Midi keyboards are perfect for solo or multiple-man jobs as they have become packed with functions, features, add-on options and more. You won’t go wrong purchasing one of these, trust me!